Data and Circle Graphs 4-10

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Circle Graphs 

Homework: Math Journal pages 152, 153, 154, 155, 156

Create Graph using Interactivate: Circle Graph.

Interactive Practice:

Multiplying Fractions


  • Fraction Multiplication Soccer – Practice fraction multiplication to earn goals in soccer.
  • MULTIPLY FRACTIONS – Multiply Fractions with lines or Multiply Fractions With Circles will give instruction and practice in multiplying fractions. Each example will have a mixed number times a whole number. Multiply Fractions-Strict will give instruction and practice in multiplying fractions. These examples will have a mixed number times a mixed number. The product must be entered as a mixed number and in lowest terms. Multiplicative Inverse will show how to find the inverse of a number and how the product of a number and its inverse is one.
  • Multiplication of Fractions Using Rectangles – Use this virtual manipulative to see and practice multiplication of fractions using rectangles. Multiplication of two factors can be illustrated using an array.
  • Fraction Crossword – Print this off and work the puzzle to check your knowledge of fraction terms and definitions.
  • Math is Fun – Fractions – Click on one of the following topics: Introduction to Fractions; Equivalent Fractions; Proper Fractions; Improper Fractions; Mixed Fractions; Simplifying Fractions Greatest Common Factor; Greatest Common Factor Tool; Comparing Fractions; ; Least Common Multiple; Least Common Multiple Tool; Least Common Denominator; Adding Fractions; Subtracting Fractions; Multiplying Fractions; Dividing Fractions; Multiplying Mixed Fractions
  • Fractions – Tutorials for learning all about fractions. The following topics are covered:Definitions; Reducing fractions; Adding and subtracting fractions; Multiplying fractions; Dividing fractions; Adding and subtracting mixed numbers; Multiplying mixed numbers;Dividing mixed numbers
  • Soccer Shootout – How To Play: Score and Save by correctly answering math problems. First you shoot, then try to save the shot by FunBrain. Remember to reduce your answers (fractions only).
  • Who Wants Pizza? A Fun Way to Learn About Fractions – Explantions about fractions and interactive activities to apply what you have learned. Topics include: Introduction; Equivalent Fractions; Adding Fractions; Multiplying Fractions
  • Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  1. Fraction Bars
  2. Ice Cream Shop
  3. Improper Fractions
  4. Mixed Numbers
  5. Mixed Numbers
  6. Tony’s Fraction Pizza Shop


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