Fluently divide multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm (6.NS.2) (ADV)

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Advance

BrainPop: Division

Class Game: Divisibility Dash

Key Vocabulary

  • partial-quotients division algorithm
  • dividend
  • divisor
  • quotient
  • remainder

Practice Exercises:

Interactive Practice:


  • Advance…Math Handout


  •  Sam deposits the same amount of money, every week, for 71 weeks in his checking account. At the end of 71 weeks, he has $6,015 in the account.How much money did Sam deposit every week? Round to the nearest cent.
  •  The data from the toll booth on a bridge shows that 352 trucks pass over the bridge over a period of 16 days. If the number trucks that use the bridge every day is the same, how many trucks cross the bridge on a daily basis?
  •  A dentist’s office orders 1,350 appointment reminder cards. The company that prints the cards ships them in boxes. Each box can fit 55 cards.What statement correctly shows the number of cards and boxes ?  How many boxes of cards?
  •  The student body of Green Hill middle school organizes an end of the year party. For the party, they get 220 donuts packed in 11 boxes. How many donuts are packed in each box?
  •  16,200÷85

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