Representing Proportional Relationships Algebraically (7.RP.2c)(ADV)

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Advance

Represent proportional relationships by equations.

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Practice Exercises:



1.  Angie sells blue and yellow balloons. For every 10 blue balloons that are sold, she sells 7 yellow balloons.

If Angie sells a total of 680 balloons, how many will be blue?

2.  CD is originally priced at $12.50. The sale price of the CD is $10.85.

What is the percent discount for the CD?

3. A proportion is shown.


What is the value of x?

4. A survey of 30 students found that 12 of them were members of a sports team.

How many students out of 800 would be on sports team?

5.  A car dealership sold 88 cars this month. For every 4 red cars sold, 7 blue cars are sold.

How many of the cars sold this month were blue?

6.  A store owner bought a jacket for $25. She sold it in her store for $55.

What is the percent of the markup on the jacket?

7.  Haley read 22 pages in 11 minutes.

At this rate, how many minutes would it take Haley to read a 390 page book?

8.  A baker can bake 6 dozen cookies in 20 minutes.

At this rate, how many minutes will it take to make 35 dozen cookies?

Interactive Practice:


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