Percent Relationships (6.RP.3c) (1&2) Part II

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Periods 1&2

Find a percent of a quantity as a rate per 100; solve problems involving finding the whole, given a part and the percent.

Percent of a Number

Practice Exercises:

Homework: Handout

1.  Krista’s softball team played 35 games this season and lost only 7 of them.

What percent of their games did Krista’s team lose?
2.  A local furniture store is advertising a discount of 30% off of their selection of sofas. Pauline wants to buy a sofa that has an original cost of $450.
What is the sale price of the sofa?
3.  Mrs. Painter gave her students a math test that had 20 questions on it. 11 of the questions were multiple choice.
What percent of the test was multiple choice?
4.  6 is 25% of what number?
5.  Vince got a haircut from his barber that cost $15 and gave his barber a 20% tip.
How much money did Vince give his barber?
6.  Pamela’s boss rewards her hard work by telling her she is receiving an 12% raise. Pamela had been earning $15 per hour.
After the raise. what is Pamela’s new hourly pay?
7.  Princeton caught 42 fish this summer, which is 70% of the number of fish his friend Trenton caught.
How many fish did Trenton catch?
8.  There are 550 students at Green County Middle School, and 220 of them ride the bus to school.
What percent of the students ride the bus?
9.  Jenn practiced basketball for 45% as long as Kaylee. Jenn practiced for 36 minutes.
How long did Kaylee practice?
10.  24 is 75% of what number?

Interactive Practice:


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