Proportional Reasoning with Percents & Calculating Percent Review Practice (ADV)

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Advance
  1. Carlos has used 40 cell phone minutes each day for one full week. His cell phone plan allows for a total of 320 minutes per week.

Which fraction represents the ratio of cell phone minutes remaining to total minutes?

  1.  In a recent survey, students were asked about their favorite type of movie. 20 chose comedy, 42 chose action, 28 chose suspense. The survey also included the choice of drama. There were 108 total students surveyed.

Which fraction represents the ratio of students who chose dramas to the total number of students surveyed?

  1. A proportion is shown.

x /8.5 =6 /34

What is the value of x ?

  1.  Janelle and her friend are tie-dying shirts. 11/ 2 tablespoons of powdered dye are needed for 3 quarts of hot water. Janelle placed 4 tablespoons of dye in the tub.

How much water should be added to follow the proportions on the instructions?

  1.  Gus bought a pair of sunglasses for $45.00 and then sold them to his friend for $58.50.

What percent did Gus mark up the sunglasses before selling them?

  1. What is 45% of 20?
  1.  The local basketball team won 80% of the games they played this season. They played 15 total games.

How many games did the team win?

  1.  The temperature outside was 60 degrees when Sarah woke up. By noon, it had increased to 75 degrees.

Find the percent increase in the temperature.

  1.  A new cell phone costs $225.00. 13% of the total price is for the accessories.

What is the total price of the accessories?

  1. 10.  If 16 is 80% of a number, what is the number?


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