6.EE.4 Identify when two expressions are equivalent (ADV)

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Advance
  • 1. Write equivalent expressions using visual/area model
  • 2. Read and write equivalent expressions with variables and exponents
  • 3. Write equivalent expressions by combining like terms

Isolation Drills:

Interactive Practice:

  1. Equivalent Expression Cards – Each of the expressions in the right column is equivalent to the expressions on the row.
  2. Equivalent Expressions – Look at twelve pairs of expressions and decide if they are equivalent or not.
  3. Equivalent Expressions – Make the appropriate changes in the tiles as you work through each of the steps in the solution.
  4. Equivalent Expressions – Pre-Algebra lesson plan with several attached documents
  5. Equivalent Expressions – Set of video lessons explaining this standard
  6. Equivalent Expressions – Distributive Property – Explore the relationship between two different formulas, a(b+c) and a(b) + c.
  7. Equivalent Expressions and Equations – Short video lesson explaining the concept
  8. How to Make Equivalent Expressions Using Division – Make equivalent expressions using division with help from an MIT Masters Candidate in Aero/Astro Engineering in this free video clip.
  9. Simplifying Expressions – Video lesson from Khan Academy
  10. Simplifying Expressions – Three types of ways to simplify equations
  11. Word Problems: Equivalent Expressions – A how-to explanation from Hot Math tutors


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