6.EE.6 Understand and use variables (ADV)

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Advance

6.EE.6 – Use variables to represent numbers and write expressions when solving a real-world or mathematical problem; understand that a variable can represent an unknown number, or, depending on the purpose at hand, any number in a specified set.

  • 1. Understand how variables are used
  • 2. Write algebraic expressions using addition and subtraction
  • 3. Write algebraic expressions using multiplication and division
  • 4. Write multi-step algebraic expressions
  • 5. Determine whether an algebraic expression matches a scenario

Isolation Drills:

Interactive Practice:

  1. Solving Equations Using Inverse Operations – Explanation, examples and fifteen sample questions plus one standardized test practice question on this worksheet
  2. Algebraic Expressions – Explanation, examples, and several practice problems
  3. Beginning Algebra Tutorial 4: Introduction to Variable Expressions and Equations – Introduction, tutorial, lots of examples followed by practice problems
  4. Evaluate a Formula Using Substitution – Short video lesson
  5. Evaluate Expressions – Substitute values for variables in algebraic expressions and evaluate the expressions
  6. Evaluating an Expression with One Variable – Explanation, practice and a game
  7. Evaluating Expressions – Explanation, examples and a workout
  8. Evaluating Expressions with Two Variables – Explanation, practice and a game
  9. Evaluation: Evaluating Expressions, Polynomials, and Functions – Two-page lesson from Purple Math
  10. Expression Evaluation Calculator – Enter your expression and click on Evaluate.
  11. Expression Evaluation; Introduction to Expressions – First page of a multi page lesson with many examples and images
  12. Interactive Algebra Tiles – Use this to model an equation or to solve an equation
  13. Learning ratios and proportions through scale drawings – A text lesson plan
  14. Linear Equations in One Variable – Tutorial with examples, several video clips are available to help student understanding
  15. Math Word Problems – Eight question multiple choice quiz [Variation or Inverse Proportion]
  16. Patterns in Algebra – Find the relationship between two variables by using a table to find the pattern on this worksheet
  17. Solve Equations with Algebra – How to solve linear equations in one variable using algebra
  18. Solving One-Step Linear Equations – Four page lesson from Purple Math, includes a Mathway widget to practice
  19. Solving Problems Involving Direct Proportion – Some good practice problems are presented here, UK units used [close the subscription screen to get to the problems]
  20. Solving Proportion Problems – Four examples with detailed explanation
  21. Taming Word Problems – An Internet4Classsrooms WebQuest related to this standard
  22. Translating Word Problems – Lesson with links to practice types of word problems
  23. Translating Words Into Symbols – Translating words into symbols is equivalent to modeling a situation using an equation and variables
  24. Using Inverse Operations to Solve Equations: When Students Ask – Suggestions for ways to answer student questions regarding this standard
  25. Using Letters as Variables in Algebra – Part of the Making Math Meaningful series
  26. Variables and Constants in Algebra – From School for Champions
  27. What Variable Would You Use …? – An answer from Wiki Answers
  28. Why Do We Use Variables in Algebra? – From Ask Dr. Math
  29. Writing Algebraic Equations – Explanation, examples, and five practice exercises to work



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