Math Connects Chapter 1&2 Review (ADV)

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Advance

Lessons Review

1-1 A Plan for Problem Solving

1-2 Powers and Exponents

1-3 Squares and Square Roots

1-4 Order of Operations

1-5 Problem Solving Investigation: Guess and Check & 1-6 Algebra: Variables and Expressions

1-7 Algebra: Equations

1-8 Algebra: Properties

1-9 Algebra: Arithmetic Sequences

1-10 Algebra: Equations and Functions


Pages 70-74

Multiples of four…START at #8

Pages 120-122 

Multiples of four…START at #12

Chapter Test

Chapter 1:
Introduction to Algebra and Functions

“Be quick, but don’t hurry.”-Coach Wooden

Chapter 2

Review for each Lesson:

Chapter Test


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