6.EE.6 Understand that variables represent unknown numbers and use variables to solve problems

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Advance, Periods 1&2, Periods 3&4

Use variables to represent numbers and write expressions when solving a real-world or mathematical problem; understand that a variable can represent an unknown number, or, depending on the purpose at hand, any number in a specified set.

Lesson Videos:

Understand how variables are used

In this lesson you will learn how a variable is used by examining real world scenarios.

Write algebraic expressions using addition and subtraction

In this lesson you will learn how to write addition and subtraction algebraic expressions by using a table.

Write algebraic expressions using multiplication and division

In this lesson you will learn how to write multiplication and division algebraic expressions by using a table.

Write multi-step algebraic expressions

In this lesson you will learn how to write multi-step algebraic expressions by examining a real world scenario.

Determine whether an algebraic expression matches a scenario

In this lesson you will learn how to determine whether an algebraic expression matches a scenario by analyzing a real world example.

Isolation Drills:

Constructing linear equations word problems

Using inequalities to describe real-world contexts

Interactive Practice:

  1. Solving Equations Using Inverse Operations – Explanation, examples and fifteen sample questions plus one standardized test practice question on this worksheet
  2. Algebraic Expressions – Explanation, examples, and several practice problems
  3. Beginning Algebra Tutorial 4: Introduction to Variable Expressions and Equations – Introduction, tutorial, lots of examples followed by practice problems
  4. Evaluate a Formula Using Substitution – Short video lesson
  5. Evaluate Expressions – Substitute values for variables in algebraic expressions and evaluate the expressions
  6. Evaluating an Expression with One Variable – Explanation, practice and a game
  7. Evaluating Expressions – Explanation, examples and a workout
  8. Evaluating Expressions with Two Variables – Explanation, practice and a game
  9. Evaluation: Evaluating Expressions, Polynomials, and Functions – Two-page lesson from Purple Math
  10. Expression Evaluation Calculator – Enter your expression and click on Evaluate.
  11. Expression Evaluation; Introduction to Expressions – First page of a multi page lesson with many examples and images
  12. Interactive Algebra Tiles – Use this to model an equation or to solve an equation
  13. Learning ratios and proportions through scale drawings – A text lesson plan
  14. Linear Equations in One Variable – Tutorial with examples, several video clips are available to help student understanding
  15. Math Word Problems – Eight question multiple choice quiz [Variation or Inverse Proportion]
  16. Patterns in Algebra – Find the relationship between two variables by using a table to find the pattern on this worksheet
  17. Solve Equations with Algebra – How to solve linear equations in one variable using algebra
  18. Solving One-Step Linear Equations – Four page lesson from Purple Math, includes a Mathway widget to practice
  19. Solving Problems Involving Direct Proportion – Some good practice problems are presented here, UK units used [close the subscription screen to get to the problems]
  20. Solving Proportion Problems – Four examples with detailed explanation
  21. Taming Word Problems – An Internet4Classsrooms WebQuest related to this standard
  22. Translating Word Problems – Lesson with links to practice types of word problems
  23. Translating Words Into Symbols – Translating words into symbols is equivalent to modeling a situation using an equation and variables
  24. Using Inverse Operations to Solve Equations: When Students Ask – Suggestions for ways to answer student questions regarding this standard
  25. Using Letters as Variables in Algebra – Part of the Making Math Meaningful series
  26. Variables and Constants in Algebra – From School for Champions
  27. What Variable Would You Use …? – An answer from Wiki Answers
  28. Why Do We Use Variables in Algebra? – From Ask Dr. Math
  29. Writing Algebraic Equations – Explanation, examples, and five practice exercises to work


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