(6.RP.A.3a) Solve ratio problems using tables and the coordinate plane

Posted: October 5, 2015 in Advance, Periods 3&4


  • In this lesson you will learn to graph ratios on a coordinate plane by setting up a table.

    Isolation Drills:

    Ratio tables

    Interactive Practice:

  1. Algebra: Solving Proportions – A quiz from Quia using the Rags to Riches format
  2. All About Ratios – Five-question multiple-choice quiz
  3. All About Ratios – Links to several lessons by Cynthia Lanius
  4. All About Ratios – Match the given ratio to another problem
  5. All About Ratios – Match the given ratio to a problem about fish
  6. All About Ratios – Match the given ratio to a problem about cameras
  7. All About Ratios – Match the given ratio to a problem about stars
  8. All About Ratios – Match the given ratio to a problem about spiders
  9. All About Ratios – Match the given ratio to a problem about atoms
  10. All About Ratios – Match the given ratio to a problem about dolls and cameras
  11. All About Ratios – A famous Texas chef has a secret recipe for her chili. Use ratios to discover the missing ingredient of her recipe
  12. Calculate percent – Discover relationships between fractions, percents, and decimals
  13. Cat and Mouse Proportion – The problem is actually a brain teaser and a great opportunity to teach direct variation and inverse variation
  14. Chances Are – Predict the likelihood of events using a circle graph with percentages as a model
  15. Comparing Ratios and Rates – Take a five questions multiple-choice quiz about ratios and rates
  16. Determine a Number Based on the Ratio – Click on the Start button and then determine the ratio of the given numbers
  17. Determine the Ratio – Click on the Start button and then determine the number that fits the given ratio
  18. Dirt Bike Proportions – Select the correct proportion; the quicker you answer the faster your bike will go
  19. Dividing fractions – Fraction Bar -This is a very versatile tool that can be used to illustrate a variety of number operations.
  20. Equivalent Fractions – Determine which gems are equivalent to the ones wanted by each store and then ship the order (check to see if you were right)
  21. Finding a percent of a quantity – Five multiple choice questions
  22. Hand Squeeze – Pass a “hand squeeze” around a circle and measure the amount of time that it takes for the hand squeeze to complete the circle. This is a data collection and analysis class experiment
  23. Interpreting and Applying Proportions – Multiple choice quiz with real-world problems
  24. Inverse Proportion Problems – From Annenberg’s Learning Math series
  25. Learning ratios and proportions through scale drawings – A text lesson plan
  26. Math at the Mall – Practice percentages and finding the best deal while shopping at a virtual mall
  27. Math Challenge – Use proportional reasoning to answer this problem
  28. Penguin Waiter Percent Game – FunBrain site
  29. Percent – Spy Guys Interactive Lesson 4
  30. Percent Problems – A one-player, or two-player game from Quia
  31. Percent with a Calculator – Explanation, examples and a link to a quiz to check understanding
  32. Percentage – Index of lessons available at AAA Math
  33. Percentages and Proportions – Short multiple choice quiz
  34. Percentages and Ratios – Index of lessons available at AAA Math
  35. Percents and Wholes – Five multiple choice questions
  36. Pie Chart – View pie charts (parameters: number of sectors, size of sector as a percent)
  37. Practice forming Ratios – After you have tried several of the practice problems, scroll down for a quiz
  38. Practice Solving Percent Problems – Fifteen questions, answers available from a drop down menu
  39. Practice with Ratios – Ten question quiz, answers and explanations are available from drop down boxes -from the Internet archive
  40. Practice with Ratios – Eleven multiple choice questions about ratios
  41. Proportion practice test – Thirteen multiple choice questions, each question is on a separate page
  42. Proportion Word Problems – Explanation and examples from an algebra page; direct and inverse proportion are explained
  43. Proportions – Three-step lesson followed by a quiz
  44. Proportions and Ratios – Includes a good explanation of means and extremes
  45. Rates, Ratios and Proportions – Quiz in the format of a two person game
  46. Ratio – Which choice gives more pizza per student
  47. Ratio – Spy Guys interactive lesson
  48. Ratio and Proportion – One minute video about ratio and proportion
  49. Ratio and Proportion – Level 1 quiz
  50. Ratio and Proportion – Entry level quiz
  51. Ratio and Proportion – This explanation includes a discussion about rates
  52. Ratio and Proportion – Key words to keep in mind as you work with ratio and proportion
  53. Ratio and Proportion – Select how many questions you want to answer from a drop-down menu
  54. Ratio and Proportion Problems – An index of problems and their explanation from Ask Dr. Math
  55. Ratio and Proportions – Short video lesson explaining ratios and proportions
  56. Ratio Blaster – A game for finding equal ratios
  57. Ratio Proportion Calculator – This calculator teaches the basics of algebra in setting and determining unknowns
  58. Ratio Stadium – A racing game practicing the skill of making ratios
  59. Ratios – Seven pages filled with examples at Purple Math
  60. Ratios – This three page explanation followed by a quiz includes explanation about equal ratios
  61. Ratios and Proportions – Quiz in the rags to riches game format
  62. Ratios and Proportions – A thirteen slide interactive show to practice making ratios and expressing proportions
  63. Real World Problems – Three practice problems with a link to find the solutions
  64. Review of Proportions – How to set up various types of proportions
  65. Review of Ratios – How to set up ratios and how to compare them
  66. Shade – Shade in the correct amount of units to equal the fraction by clicking on the unit
  67. Sharing Prize Money – This worksheet uses UK money, but ratios are set up the same way
  68. Sharing Prize Money 2 – This worksheet uses UK money with a profit and loss scenario
  69. Shopping at Troy’s Toys – Percent shopping
  70. Simplifying Ratios – How to make ratios smaller so that they are easier to understand
  71. Solve it! – Videos provide problem solving practice for students. Each set contains five multistep word problems with step by step video solutions. Concepts include basic operations, algebraic reasoning, money, fractions, percent, perimeter, area, proportional reasoning, and measurement.
  72. Solving Percent Problems Using a Pyramid Grid – An interactive lesson
  73. Teaching Ratios and Proportions – Suggestions for parents to use to help students learn this topic
  74. Understanding Experimental Probability – Experiment with experimental probability using a fixed size section spinner, a variable section spinner, 2 regular 6-sided number cubes or design your own number cubes.
  75. Understanding Percent – For each of the 9 problems on this page, fill in the missing value into the form, then click Enter. Your answer will be a fraction, a decimal or a percent, depending on the problem.
  76. Understanding Ratio – A worksheet to print so students can practice working with ratios
  77. Using percents – Five multiple choice questions
  78. Using Proportions – Five multiple choice questions
  79. Using the Proportion Method to Solve Percent Problems – Practice problems at the end
  80. What percentage has been shaded – Guess the percent of the shaded pie chart
  81. What Percentage of your Class is Right or Left Handed? – A data collection and analysis class experiment
  82. Writing Ratios as Fractions – Worksheet for expressing ratios as fractions

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